Magic Fur Brush

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If you have cats, dogs, lion, wolf or any furry pets, you know the difficulty of removing and vacuuming your pet hairs especially on carpets, mats and clothes. This Magic Fur Brush will helps remove fur on your furniture, carpet or clothing, and it works like a charm, every time.

The Magic Fur Brush features a slight bony pit pattern which effectively cleans up pet hair through the last strand. No more fur and dust on your furniture or clothing.

Remove Pet Hair on Any Surface!

This specially-designed Magic Fur Brush magically removes pet fur off any surface: Sofa, car seats, clothing, furniture, carpets, blankets and more! Just wipe it repeatedly on the surface until all pet hair which is not visible to the eye comes to the surface.

The Magic Fur Brush is so effective that it works even for hairs penetrated into carpets and sofas. After just a few swipes on carpet or sofa, you will notice hair are being collected that no vacuum cleaner can ever done.

Magic Fur Brush

Magic Fur Brush is a Better Solution Than Vacuum

Unlike vacuum cleaners, Magic Fur Brush does not require electricity making it a much better, cost-effective alternative. With its portability, you will benefit the ease of cleaning compare to using bulky appliance with a cord tailing it.

Magic Fur Brush is made to fit anywhere you need to remove pet hair. Keep one in your car, in the house and in a purse whenever you need to clean up.

Magic Fur Brush

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