3-Tier Baking Rack

The 3-Tier Baking Rack makes the most efficient use of your oven space. It enables you to bake up to three tiers of heavy casseroles along side of a large roasting pan.

With the rack, you are able to roast your holiday turkey, alongside 3 side dishes, cutting baking time in half. For the busy entertainer, the rack is an absolute lifesaver!

More Baking Space with the 3-Tier Baking Rack

With the 3-Tier Baking Rack, you can maximize your oven space up to 6 times. 2 3-Tier Baking Rack will fit in most regular sized ovens, creating 6 levels for baking sides, appetizers, desserts, or anything needed for the occasion. You can also place 1 3-Tier Baking Rack on one side of the oven and a large roasting pan on the other side, enabling you to bake multiple dishes at a time.

The 3-Tier Baking Rack also works as a cooling rack. It features 3 square feet of cooling space while taking up only one square foot of counter space.

3-Tier Baking Rack

The 3-Tier Baking Rack is Safe, Non-stick, Easily Stored and Dishwasher Friendly

The 3-Tier Baking Rack has a sturdy design holds the heaviest of baked goods – up to three pies on all tiers. The mesh wire design holds and cools the smallest cookies and candies.

The 3-Tier Baking Rack is chrome plated, making it non-stick, dishwasher safe, and oven safe up to 500 degrees. It’s also uniquely designed to folds  flat for easy storage.

3-Tier Baking Rack


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