Luminoodle LED TV Backlight – USB Powered LED HDTV Bias Lighting for TV Ambient Lighting

The Luminoodle LED TV Backlight will give your TV an upgraded luxury feeling back simply adding an ambient backlighting to your television. It’s super easy to install and will make you really appreciate your TV and living room.

The Luminoodle is super easy to install

Simply peel the back of the lighting strip and line it on the back of your television. It sticks on perfect and you don’t have to worry about corners as it will handle them with ease.

After you install it, you can plug it in a USB port on your smart tv and you will automatically have light when you turn on your television. It really is a cheap an inexpensive upgrade.

Luminoodle Eay to install
Luminoodle usb powered

The Luminoodle is fully customizable

This LED light strip comes with a remote which allows you to customize your light. It also allows you to turn it on and off with just a click of a button.

This simple and inexpensive upgrade is the perfect device you’ll need to turn a boring dull living room into a beautiful luxurious living room. It makes the perfect gift for those trying to upgrade their home decor.

Luminoodle any length
Luminoodle backlight



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