BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds – Cooling + Heating

The BedJet V2 is the ultimate luxury bed fan that has climate control that gives you cold or hot air directly under your sheets.  Saving electricity and gas is now very easy with this device as it consumes much less to keep you at your ideal temperature.

Sleep is extremely important and most people have trouble sleeping because of the wrong temperature.  The BedJet lets you set the perfect temperature for your side of the bed.

bedjet bed fan climate control -featured

bedjet bed fan climate control bedside

Setting up the BedJet on any bed is a breeze

Setup for this product is extremely easy.  The bed fan can go on the side of your bed or even under it to save space and give your room a neat look.

The tube is moveable so you can literally position it however you want.  It has a plastic attachment to fit right under the mattress so it can stay stable while you sleep.
bedjet bed fan climate control bed

bedjet bed fan climate control setup bed

The BedJet’s phone app gives you absolute control of your fan

A lot of fans only have one dimensional settings and that can be a problem when you want to get the temperature just right.  The BedJet has a phone app that lets you customize the BedJet in hundreds of ways.

You can control specific profiles so you can setup a temperature for every person in your house.  You can also control body moisture, add oil aroma therapy and much much more.
bedjet bed fan climate control app
If you don’t like controlling it from your phone.  They give you a nifty wireless remote to help control it.

bedjet bed fan climate control - remote

A lot of people find the BedJet way too expensive which is understandable.  There is another competitor out that is taking the internet by storm.  Check out the bFan if you are interested in a cheaper solution.

bfan bed sheets fan featured

$499 $399


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