bFan: A Fan Just For Your Bed

During hot summer nights, bFan is the perfect companion because it blows cool air under your sheets.  Perfect sleep is driven by temperature and the bFan can give you the exactly that.

It was originally started on Kickstarter which has given it a lot of traction.  Many people feel like this would be the ultimate fan to blow away stuffy feelings.


There are other bed fans out there that some say are not as good as than the bFan,  they can be found on Amazon.  They look similar and definitely do the same job, but you’ll have to get down into the tech aspects to decide which one is right for you.

bedjet bed fan climate control setup

bedjet bed fan climate control bed bedjet bed fan climate control -featured


bFan is built perfectly for your bedside

The design of the bFan is absolutely perfect for your bedside.  It goes directly next to your bed while the air vent fits right under your sheets.  Its slim and compact so it doesn’t take up too much space.

The fan was built on the bottom to avoid overheating or any sort of blockage.  It’s also ultra quiet and smooth so it won’t bother you while you sleep.

bfan bed fan under sheets

bFan is for the whole world

bFan was made with a 110-210 volt plug so it can be used all over the world.  It stands at about 19 inches to 37 inches tall so it can work with the highest beds.

The fan that is built in is perfect because it provides maximum airflow in such a small amount of space.  The air that blows from the fan is cool and refreshing to keep your body at a cool enough temperature.  It’s the perfect fan for summer nights.
bfan bed sheets fan diagram

If you get hot and stuffy during summer nights or other people in your house hate turning on air condition, this is the perfect fan for you.  You wont need air condition at night anymore and you’ll be able to sleep with the covers on.


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  • beverley coster

    how much is it to ship to hamilton new zealand

    • mutch17

      About tree fiddy

  • Marnie Culotta

    Way too expensive.
    Too bad.
    If more affordable, I would have bought 2.

  • Kurt Tompkins

    If you want the real one you need to go to our kickstarter page.

  • Johanna Bushong-Horner

    wouldn’t it pick up dust bunnies/dirt from under the bed and cover you in grossness??? And what about fire hazards? your bed skirt could block the motor and catch on fire… like the concept but its just NOT safe I think

    • puppylove

      Just vacuum under the bed. Having dust bunnies under there isn’t healthy fan or no fan. Most covers would not hang that far of the bed to cover the motor. If so, they are the wrong size for the bed. Unless you mean kicked off covers. In which case, people generally kick off covers in the night to cool off. This would eliminate that problem.

      • I hear that… dont think this will work.. seems like a good consept though. But yes would all that dust under the bed no just be sucked in though the fan and spat out in your bed??????

        • James J Pace

          Heard of filters in your room and vacuuming regularly? That eliminates that problem. You get dust from a desk top fan a lot more than you would anything on the floor.

      • Linda Wetton

        I have the correct sheet size on my bed but I also have a dust ruffle around my bed. I believe if I put it at the bottom of my bed it would definitely be a fire hazard.

        • Tom Allen

          So you choose: Ruffle or fan. Or just tuck the ruffle up under the mattress when the fan is running. It’s not rocket science.

          • Linda Wetton

            There is no need to be condescending. I was merely stating a point. I’m well aware you can tuck the dust ruffle up and I’m also aware that the ruffle can fall. Don’t know if I’m willing to start a fire using this item.

          • Tom Allen

            Then don’t. It’s very simple. Obviously this product isn’t for you so I’m not sure why you chose to read the article, let alone comment.

          • Sportfox

            Wow Tom Allen very antagonistic response. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and there are no right or wrong questions just dumb ones who never question. Linda Wetton, there are people who take a differing view as a personal insult, don’t let that stop you from ever airing your thoughts. Sarcasm is also the lowest form of communication.

            We all learn from differing perspectives and I hope we never stop doing that. Peace on earth and to all mankind (and this has nothing to do with religion but from one human being to another).

          • Suzanne Smith

            LOL!!!! Right!!! Some people! NO COMMON SENSE!

    • Jerry Mckimmie

      I would think that they would have added a thermal fuse/trip so if the motor gets hot it turns off. Or even a normal fuse that would trip if the fan pulls too much amperage.

    • Vern Leathers

      Try cleaning under your bed

  • Genean Joshua

    $100 bucks…Nahhhhh I’ll just keep using my ceiling fan!

  • glasscat

    Too much deal!!

  • Heather McMillan

    Kurt Tompkins yours is still 75.00 …still picks up dust bunnies dirt from under the bed and fire hazard from a bed skirt …and your just stealing there idea ….crazy

    • Spencer Lee Dodson

      I think Kurt Tompkin’s is the legit owner considering the amount of detail on their kickstarter page, and amount pledged.

  • Todd Jacobson

    Reverse the flow so you’re drawing air from your head area. No floor dust, fire hazard reduced, pulls farts and other bad smells away from you!

  • Tracy Stafford

    $75 is a small price to pay for a comfortable nights sleep. I think it genius!

    • deltadawn68

      heck yeah, my temperpedic bed roasts me at night, I paid $100 for a “cooling mattress topper a few months ago and I was looking to try another one that cost way more than that!

      • Le Spencer

        Mine does the same, did the cooling topper help?

        • deltadawn68

          No, not at all, I read that anything foam won’t work, even if it’s colored blue to make it look “cooling”

          • CC

            I found out by putting a 100% wool blanket under the sheets it really helps keep my husband and I cooler and I have tried several so called cooling toppers and they did not work. My blanket is 4 pound 100% wool and it works my husband and I do not wake up soaking in sweat anymore.

          • deltadawn68

            thanks for that tip CC! I will try this, I’m so sick of sweating every night!

          • Suz Marie Hoch-Skinkle

            Im going to have to try that also. My husband has many scars on upper chest and body and he overheats at night.

  • Heny Jacques Meow

    Awesome idea! so you can sleep in feets smell and the occasional fart?

    • Amy Didio


    • Keith Laursen

      Ha, Ha, If your feet smell that bad, maybe you need to clean up your dust bunnies between your toes and if you aim that thing from the side you can just blow your farts over to your wife’s side……or keep hers away with positive pressure. 🙂

  • Monica Tomosovich Pilyih

    Yes good price will order now.. Wahoo 😀👋

  • Larry Rowan

    Everyone that is worried of the dust bunnies under their bed are blatantly lazy & need to clean under their bed. Perhaps once every 6 months. I do & I’m am widower. My wife kept those critters extinct in my house when she was alive. I think I may get one.

    • James J Pace

      Amen!!! I agree with you 100 percent it’s just common sense=) My daughters fan gets dusty and it sits facing her bed and level * told her to dust her room ugghh* Besides if you have that many dust bunnies you seriously do not dust properly or use a air purifier which most people should.

    • Maria Rosello Hixon

      i agree with you, iam also widow, and have hard time cleaning my celing fans, but i do them weekly, hate dirt, retired nurse, so iam clean, clean….

  • JohnRLentz

    Does it have a remote control?

  • Vern Leathers

    Is it made in China?

    • Jan Spahn

      I’ll bet so. I really try very hard NOT to buy things made in China.

  • Keith Laursen

    Wait for the Dyson version and it will be $750. 🙂

  • Rosemary Hill

    Can you get this B Fan in the UK?

  • Russell Rhoades

    a good solid Idea, but like any new idea someone is always nitpicking only time will tell if it is a hazard, but if your worried look for the UL ® listing .

  • Donna Priest
  • Nytshaed

    And women suffering hot flashes let out a cheer of joy…. I am SO ordering one of these.

  • Obdurate Verity

    It is a fart remover. Who doesn’t want one of those?

  • Debbie Pares

    It’s not $75
    Click on the link and you see they’re asking for a backing of $115 before you can get on of these.

  • Ken Kueppers

    Fire hazard from an overheated motor? Does anyone even read the ad? For those like Johanna Bushong-Horner and others that don’t “think” it is safe, I copied this from the ad……………The design of the bFan is absolutely perfect for your bedside. It goes directly next to your bed while the air vent fits right under your sheets. Its slim and compact so it doesn’t take up too much space.
    *The fan was built on the bottom to avoid overheating or any sort of blockage*. It’s also ultra quiet and smooth so it won’t bother you while you sleep.
    As for those of you with the dust bunnies and dirt under your beds, this is not a high power fan that will draw all the crap from under your bed and blow it in your face. Please don’t make stupid comments followed by or proceeded by “I think”. It appears to me that you don’t.

  • RazorsEdge

    This is bogus. There is no fan for sale for $75. You have to donate to his fund THEN you can buy the fan, which won’t even be around to maybe May of 2017.

  • Brandon Leslie

    There are several of these on the market now. Lowest price ive seen is $19.99 (and I think you get 2!)

  • TrishaJP

    If this fan had still been $75 as it was when I bookmarked it, I’d have bought it in a flash. The $51 dollar increase comes under what I call gouging and I don’t purchase items where that is going on. Hope others see this and act accordingly.

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  • angie

    i havebeen waiting for mine now for a while, are u shipping it soon or what, its been a while guys?????????