bFan: A Fan Just For Your Bed

During hot summer nights, bFan is the perfect companion because it blows cool air under your sheets.  Perfect sleep is driven by temperature and the bFan can give you the exactly that.

It was originally started on Kickstarter which has given it a lot of traction.  Many people feel like this would be the ultimate fan to blow away stuffy feelings.


There are other bed fans out there that some say are not as good as than the bFan,  they can be found on Amazon.  They look similar and definitely do the same job, but you’ll have to get down into the tech aspects to decide which one is right for you.

bedjet bed fan climate control setup

bedjet bed fan climate control bed bedjet bed fan climate control -featured


bFan is built perfectly for your bedside

The design of the bFan is absolutely perfect for your bedside.  It goes directly next to your bed while the air vent fits right under your sheets.  Its slim and compact so it doesn’t take up too much space.

The fan was built on the bottom to avoid overheating or any sort of blockage.  It’s also ultra quiet and smooth so it won’t bother you while you sleep.

bfan bed fan under sheets

bFan is for the whole world

bFan was made with a 110-210 volt plug so it can be used all over the world.  It stands at about 19 inches to 37 inches tall so it can work with the highest beds.

The fan that is built in is perfect because it provides maximum airflow in such a small amount of space.  The air that blows from the fan is cool and refreshing to keep your body at a cool enough temperature.  It’s the perfect fan for summer nights.
bfan bed sheets fan diagram

If you get hot and stuffy during summer nights or other people in your house hate turning on air condition, this is the perfect fan for you.  You wont need air condition at night anymore and you’ll be able to sleep with the covers on.


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