CleverCrates are not your average crates. These storage bins are collapsible and the perfect space-saving solution that combines packing, transparent and storage into a reusable, collapsible container.

They reduce the annoyance of regular crates by letting you stow these away without taking much room. Normal crates are annoying to stow away when they are empty because they take up too much room.

CleverCrates are sturdy and are built extremely strong

These collapsible storage bins feature a sturdy bottom base with solid walls, making them ideal for heavy-duty projects. They are built with heavy-duty material, allowing you to carry pretty much anything that can fit in them.

They’re perfect for grocery shopping, your garage, laundry or pretty much anything you can imagine. They last a lifetime and come in pretty much any size you can imagine.

CleverCrates Before and after
CleverCrates storage

CleverCrates collapsible ability provide vertical stacking

Not only do these crates collapse, they also stack! They are built with an interlocking nesting system that provides stability for vertical stacking. That means they stack up and actually lock within each other.

These are truly the best storage containers available on the market and there is no secret why. They are built for storing and are a handy item when you need to stow away items.

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