ZenFresh Showerhead – High-Pressure Water-Saving Ionic Handheld Filtration

The ZenFresh Showerhead is a high-pressure water-saving ionic handheld filtration showerhead that aims to save water and also give higher pressure.  The results are stunning as you will get the much more delight in using this showerhead over a normal one.

Showerheads are pretty standard these days, but this showerhead really takes it to the next level.  Using stones and a pressurized mechanism, the ZenFresh Showerhead is able to save more water, deliver a higher pressure, and look stunning all at the same time.

The ZenFresh Showerhead fits on practically any shower

This is a pretty standard showerhead and is compatible with most showers as long as you have a regular setup.  There are professional installations that definitely give this product the full range of compatible showers.

Most showers have a hose like showerhead and this showerhead fits right onto it like a glove.  For more complex showers, consult a specialist, but doing a conversion like this should be extremely easy and common.

zenfresh showerhead back and front view
zenfresh showerhead

The ZenFresh also purifies water and helps you rejuvenates your skin

The stones inside the chamber help purify the water as the water is ran through the stuns before coming out of the top.  This purified water is good for your skin and helps rejuvenate it.

The set comes with literally everything you need to get started.  It comes with all the stones, the shower head and the handle, putting it together is a breeze.

zenfresh showerhead pieces

zenfresh showerhead packaging

zenfresh showerhead featured

$29.99 $14.99


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