Alligator Scrub Will Make Sink Cleaning A Snap

This alligator scrub will clean your utensils in seconds, leaving them spotless. It will help you save hours in the kitchen!

Alligator Scrub Features Suction Cup Design

The suction cup design of this alligator scrub allows it to stick itself to the side of your sink.

Simply stick spoons, forks, chopsticks and knives right into the teeth of this scrub and clean them in seconds. Then, pull the scrubber apart to separate the brushes and use it as a vegetable scrubber as well.

You can also take part of the brush off to scour pots and pans. The number of uses for this versatile little scrub are endless.

Scrub 4

No more need for multiple sponges and scrubs when this does the job all-in-one! Supplies are going fast, so order yours now.

$24.99 9.99

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