Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner Dissolves Stains In Seconds

This angry mom microwave cleaner will save you hours of time in the kitchen. Simply place it in your microwave and watch it dissolve food messes in seconds.

Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner Steams All Stains Away

Tired of spending forever trying to scrape away the food stains, bacteria and grease that’s caked into your microwave? This angry mom microwave cleaner will do the work for you!

Microwave 1

Simply fill this canister with vinegar and water, and place in your microwave. The heated liquid will literally blow off steam that dissolves and disintegrates your microwave stains in seconds.

When finished, simply wipe off your microwave walls with a soft cloth and you’re done. In addition, this angry mom is easy to clean and store away for future use.

This microwave cleaner can be used over and over again and will work perfectly every time. It’s blowing up on social media so grab yours now while supplies are in stock.

$39.99 $14.99

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