Avocado Saver – Save Your Cut Avocado Up to 3 days

The Avocado Saver allows you to save your avocado by attaching a device to the other end to keep it fresh.  With the Avo Saver, you can now save that half of avocado for up to three days!

Many of us love slicing open a ripe avocado and putting it on some toast, making some guacamole, or eating it straight up.  Sometimes, we can’t finish the whole avocado and that leads to throwing it away because it spoils way too fast.


avocado saver process

The Avocado Saver is designed to fit right on the avocado

The Avo Saver acts as another half of an avocado and it essentially makes your half avocado whole again.  This traps the open area of the fruit and doesn’t let harmful germs or bacteria in the air rot the avocado.

It has a strap that can adjust to any size avocado so you can use this for every avocado you can find at the grocery store.  The strap latches to the other side with a hook and keeps it tight.

avocado saver packaging


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