Berry Ave Broom Holder and Garden Tool Organizer for Rake or Mop Handles

The Berry Ave Broom Holder is the perfect tool to reduce clutter in your home. It helps you organize all your mops, rakes, brooms, tools and more by hanging them in one simple place.

We’ve all seen a broom closet that is just a mess with brooms lying around and it can be frustrating trying to keep all this stuff organized. With this broom holder, your OCD will finally be at ease.

Berry Ave Broom Holder has a no-slide guarntee

Sure there are plenty of broom holders out there, but this one acts above all because of it’s extremely strong holding capacity. It can hold up to 50 pounds thanks to it’s spring loaded, double rubber gripped slots.

This broom holder was compared to many on Amazon and showed that it held up extremely well with no-slide. Other’s failed the test as brooms and other tools slid down.

Berry Ave Broom Holder how it works

Berry Ave Broom Holder works for indoors and outdoors

This awesome device is not only for your indoor cleaning tools, but it’s also amazing for your outdoor tools as well. Put one of these in your outside shed or even your garage!

It’s ridiculously easy to install and gives you screws and anchors that you need to mount it securely. This is the perfect addition your house needs to stay clean and organized.

Berry Ave Broom Holder five slots

Berry Ave Broom Holder uses

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