Bottle Hanger and Jar Hanger Magnet For Your Refrigerator/Fridge

This magnetic bottle hanger creates tons of room in your fridge by hanging them in the ceiling.  It’s super easy to install and very useful in your daily kitchen life.

How many times have bottles taken up the majority of space in your refrigerator?  It’s a hassle to keep so many bottles in the fridge at once, that’s why this invention was made.

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The Bottle Hanger has magnets that are extremely strong

The magnets on the bottle hanger are extremely strong and they can hold the biggest and heaviest bottles without a problem.  The magnet and glue are perfectly designed for this application and can really be useful in tight situations.

Each strip comes with three magnets that are perfectly spaced apart to hold beer bottles, but you can also put larger size bottles and space them evenly as well.  Line your entire ceiling of your fridge with these and watch the magic happen.

bottle hanger use

This Bottle Hanger is so easy to install, anyone can do it

Installation is an absolute breeze with this.  Simply stick the bottle hanger on the ceiling with the adhesive backing that comes on the product.  The adhesive is strong and will hold on to your fridge without coming off.

After you’ve positioned the bottle hanger to your liking, put a few bottles on it and watch as your fridge starts getting roomier.  It’s truly a simple and great invention for everyone.

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