Botto: The Adjustable Container

World’s first adjustable container perfect for a wide variety of food and other objects. It offers a modern design along with great functionality which you would normally need to settle for a Ziploc bag, a piece of Tupperware, or a canister with a lid, all of which still leave all the air inside the container to slowly destroy your food.

Botto takes the airtight, air-removing pantry container to the next level by shrinking the whole container as you remove the air, preserving your food and saving space in your cupboards at the same time.

Space-Efficient Adjustable Height Container

Botto  isable to be vacuum sealed at an adjustable height depending on the contents of the container. It can change in size to perfectly accommodate its contents between 16 oz & 32 oz (480 ml – 960 ml).

The height of Botto is 4.65 inches when compressed and 7.66 inches extended height. Having a diameter of 4.49 inches.

Botto: The Adjustable Container

Keeps Food Fresher for Longer!

Air goes out and doesn’t come back in. Botto keeps food fresher for longer. “Swoosh” sound guaranteed. No electricity needed. When you push it down, it releases the air inside allowing you to push it down further, plus the cap allows you to easily lift up the cap without dealing with pressurization in the container sealing the lid shut.

Botto is perfect for coffee, tea, herbs, spices, or really anything that needs a vacuum seal that you’d like to keep fresh. Plus, it’s constructed of US FDA-grade, food-safe, BPA-free, phthalate-free and toxic-free materials.


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