Stainless Steel Butter Mill by Cooks Innovations

The Butter Mill by Cooks Innovations is the perfect companion for your morning toast because it takes your butter and splits it up for you allowing you to easily spread it on your toast. a slice of butter on bread is super annoying to spread sometimes unless the toast is really hot, so this device definitely helps.

The Butter Mill is ready to use whenever you want

Once you load the Butter Mill, all you have to do is twist and watch the butter come up. After you’re finished, you can easily put the entire Butter Mill in the refrigerator to use for another time.

It’s super easy to store butter and it’ll keep it fresh just as good as any traditional butter tray. It really is the perfect gift for butter lovers.


Butter Mill spread
Butter Mill Featured

The Butter Mill is extremely easy to use

All you have to do is open the device up and cut a block of butter that fits the loader. Once you put the butter in, put the cover back on and start twisting.

Butter will start coming out of the top, looking like mini-noodles. The simplicity of this device really makes it a great one.

Butter Mill load butter

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