Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Spoons

These Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Spoons will brighten your day with their cute little faces and hand painted details. Perfect for ALL cat lovers!

These Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Spoons are a cat lovers MUST-HAVE!

This versatile set can be used in the kitchen or simply displayed as a collectors set. The stunning detail of each cup and spoon is pure fun and will add a touch of joy to your day!


Crafted of stoneware with adorable, hand painted details, these measuring cups and spoons are sure to impress. Careful attention to packaging minimizes breakage during shipping.

These Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Spoons are trending on social media!

WARNING! THIS IS NOT A TREND, lol! Cats are always in style, so why not bring them into your kitchen with these adorable Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Spoons!


This set includes measuring cups as well as measuring spoons! A complete set for a complete cat lover! It’s only appropriate that the first thing you use these utensils for is to bake your cat some snacks! Hurry and get your own Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Spoons while supplies last!


$59.99 $25.99

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