Dash Go Rapid Peeler – Peel Through Your Veggies in a Breeze

The Dash Go Rapid Peeler is the ultimate machine that peels through your veggies and fruits in a breeze.  It can also turn your fruits and veggies into wonderful noodle-like shapes for creative cooking.

All you have to do is load your fruit, clip it into the machine and start it.  You’ll watch the magic happen right before your eyes and it’s also really pleasing to watch.

The Dash Go Rapid Peeler is can be used in two ways

The first way it can be used is to peel your veggies or fruits and then taking it off and cutting the veggies yourself.  We all know peeling can be cumbersome at times, so this machine does it for us.

The second way to use it is to make noodles out of your veggies and fruit.  You can keep the machine running after the skin has been peeled and watch it turn into noodle-like figures.
Dash Go Rapid Peeler Cucumber
Dash Go Rapid Peeler Potato

The Dash Go Rapid Peeler is BPA free plastic and is completely wireless

It’s great that there is BPA plastic in this peeler because it touches all your fruits and veggies.  It makes it a healthier choice of product and proves that it’s high quality.

It is also completely wireless so there’s no annoying cord that could get in the way of your peeling.  It can fit on a long kitchen island with no outlets in sight.

Dash Go Rapid Peeler Cucumber

$29.99 $15.95

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