Dorai, The First Mold-Free Instant-Dry Dish Rack & Pad

No one wants to get mold anywhere near them or their household items. There’s mold on your dish racks? That’s a kitchen nightmare! Moldy dish racks look as well as feel icky, and can ruin your day of doing kitchen work. Aside from looking disgusting, molds pose a threat to our health as well. Imagine owning a dish rack with molds on it, and having to use the same plates and utensils from there! Let’s turn that big NO into a huge YES with the Dorai Self-Drying Dish Rack & Pad. We’ve personally witnessed how water instantly vaporizes, leaving no room for bacteria to grow.

With the Dorai Self-Drying Dish Rack & Pad, we finally said goodbye to old, moldy dish racks and musty kitchen towels. It’s specially designed not only to prevent molds and bacteria, but to prevent moisture, discoloration, and rust, too. The rack doesn’t develop foul odors either!

Stay dry and clean with the Dorai Self-Drying Dish Rack & Pad

We used to be continuously wiping wet spots on our kitchen because of our old dish rack. It was finally time to put that rag down and get a brand new dish rack. The Dorai Self-Drying Dish Rack & Pad was the best choice.

The rack is made with the highest quality materials. Its main component consists of Diatomaceous Earth. This material is organic and safe, enabling water to dry up almost instantly.

The ergonomic, space-saving and customizable Dorai

We’ve all had that one dish rack that takes up almost all the space on our kitchen counters. It’s annoying and prevents us from making good use of any other area that could have been great for other purposes.

The Dorai Self-Drying Dish Rack & Pad is not only space-saving, but it also sticks well to the kitchen counter. This feature helps avoid unnecessary accidents and broken plates.

Say goodbye to your old dish rack, say hello to Dorai Self-Drying Dish Rack & Pad today

It’s high time you get rid of your old silicone or stainless steel dish rack that has given you nothing but headaches and a consistent need to clean and wipe it dry. Not only will you benefit ergonomically with our new dish rack, but you get to keep yourself and your family safe from molds and other bacteria that could get into your plates, cups and even baby bottles.

Bring home the Dorai Self-Drying Dish Rack & Pad today and say good riddance to molds forever.


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