Dreamfarm Onpot – Suction Pot Lid Rest and Holder

The Dreamfarm Onpot is a simple invention that lets you attach a rest/holder to your pot lid so you can mount it to the side of your pot. It’s perfect for wet lids and keeping the water inside the pot.

This device uses suction cups to easily attach the lid of your pot and acts a rest on the side of your pot. If you cook a lot at home, this is a great little invention.

The Dreamfarm Onput is made out of safe materials

The high heat-resistant materials are safe up to 170°C/340°F so it will never melt when used in high powered gas stoves. It’s dishwasher safe and also can handle a heavy lid.

Dreamfarm Onpot Pot Lid

$13.89 $9.95

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