Dreamfarm Supoon – Silicone Sit Up Scraping Spoon with Measuring Lines

The Dreamfarm Supoon is a silicone sit up scraping soon that has measuring lines to make your life easier when you cook. It’s unique shape and design provides many useful functions for this special cooking spoon.

The Dreamfarm Supoon is bent on purpose so it can sit up by itself

This cooking spoon is propped up so it can hold the spoon up and keep your counter top clean. The bend gives it enough leverage and propagation that it can easily sit above your counter tip without having the used spoon touch the counter.

It also has a deep scooping head so you can grab deep into a pot or have much better torq when scooping. It makes the perfect spoon for stews and pasta sauce because it can grab a bulk of the sauce.

Dreamfarm Supoon shape
Dreamfarm Supoon scoop

The Dreamfarm Supoon features a flat squeegee tip for scraping

The way the tip is constructed, it allows you to scrape hard causing you to be able to pick up that tough sauce that may be stuck on your pan.  It won’t break either because of the specially made handle.

This spoon is truly great for home cooking and simple recipes.  Many will find it to be a delight when it comes to wielding this spoon.
Dreamfarm Supoon scrape
Dreamfarm Supoon sauce

$11.95 $11.95

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