Dreamfarm Vebo – Silicone Vegetable Steaming, Washing, Draining and Cooking Basket

The Dreamfarm Vebo is a silicone device that helps steam, wash, drain and cook your vegetables all in one basket.  It’s extremely nifty for people who like to cook at home or for health freaks.

It works in pretty much any normal size pot and it makes it very easy to set up.  The silicone can withstand high heat so don’t worry about it melting or any weird chemicals going into the vegetables.

dreamfarm vebo steaming veggies

The Dreamfarm Vebo and vegetables are a match made in heaven

The Vebo really goes well with any vegetables you want.  These days, most people prefer steamed or boiled vegetables because of the health benefits and the overall natural way of cooking stuff.  This device let’s you steam or boil it and makes it convenient to strain it.

The Dreamfarm Vebo works just like a bag.  When it’s done cooking, all you have to do is scoop it up from the pot and your ready to go.  You don’t have to strain because there are holes in the bag that let the water come out easily.
dreamfarm vebo cooking open
dreamfarm vebo overall overview

Of course the Dreamfarm Vebo is dishwasher safe

The perfect kitchen mate has to be dishwasher-safe and, of course, the Vebo is definitely dish-washer safe.  It’s easy to clean and stays free from stains, so it will last you a really long time.

It truly is one of the coolest affordable kitchen inventions that we have come across.  It works just like a charm if your trying to go healthy.
dreamfarm vebo process
dreamfarm vebo featured


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