Easy Garlic Peeler

Easy Garlic Peeler makes it simple for you to peel your garlic! No more fancy machinery or time wasted, with this peeler, you’ll have fresh garlic cloves within seconds!

We all know someone who could use this Easy Garlic Peeler!

Simply insert your garlic cloves inside of the Easy Garlic peeler and roll it! Beautifully peeled pieces of garlic cloves!


C’mon, we can never have too much garlic in our life! With this Easy Garlic Peeler, you can save countless amounts of time trying to de-shell these suckers!

If you’re a garlic lover, you NEED this Easy Garlic Peeler!

This Easy Garlic Peeler goes very nicely with your GARLIC GRIP, which we also carry on our store! Both are going super viral online right now!


So what are you waiting for, you know you need/want this! Make sure to check out our other garlic kitchen related tools that will make it easier for you!



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