Easy Shrimp Peeler for Easily De-shelling Prawns & Shrimp

The Easy Shrimp Peeler makes it ridiculously easy to peel shrimp by sticking the tip into the head of the shrimp and ripping the shell off. It will make your life so much easier if you like cooking shrimp, but always hate peeling it off.

Shrimp Peeler Handle

The Easy Shrimp Peeler is super easy to use

The tip is made sharp enough to slide right in the top of the shrimp and with the easy pull handle you’ll take off the shell with ease. Once you pull the handle the shrimp will start to separate from the shell.

At this point, you’ll use your hands to remove the shrimp from it’s shell, but it’ll be nice and cut so there will be minimum effort. It’s perfect for shrimp lovers everywhere.

shrimp peeler tip

Shrimp peeler

Shrimp peeler


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