Eyevac is the perfect touchless vacuum that completely eliminates the need for a dust pan.  It sits on the floor and sucks up all the dust and dirt you push into it, so it works very similar to something you’d see at a barber shop.

If you like keeping your floors neat and clean, this is the perfect option because it’s fast and easy.  Sometimes you just want to do a quick sweep and hate bending down to clean up all the dust, well this is a much easier solution.

Eyevac is the perfect machine for sucking up any debris on the floor

This device is very durable in terms of sucking up debris on the floor.  Pet hair, dust, and tiny particles can all easily be picked up.  It definitely can suck up bigger things than you think.

The size of the objects that can go in can be the size of Fruit Loops and it would still pick it up.  It’s the perfect addition for your kitchen floor to keep it nice and clean



eyevac home touchless vacuum featured

There’s plenty of functions in the Eyevac to make it the complete touchless vacuum

It has plenty of bells and whistles to make this product an excellent one.  It’s activated by a simple touch and has a filter to keep the insides from being damaged.  It’s as strong as 1000wat vacuum!eyevac home touchless vacuum breakdown

eyevac home touchless vacuum sideview


$109.00 $99.99

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