Fondoodler “Hot Glue Gun” But For Cheese

The Fondoodler is a cheese gun that works just like a “hot glue gun” except it’s loaded with cheese and is meant for eating. Cheese lovers will fall in love with this gun because it allows you to form cheese into a liquid hot form.

The Fondoodler is perfect for food crafts and cooking

The Fondoodler allows you to build food art, write a special message, or cook with your favorite cheese. The stream of cheese coming out is the perfect size for your next food fun activity.

All you have to do is load your favorite cheese inside the chamber and the Fondoodler melts the cheese and pushes it out in a nice paste form. Careful, the cheese comes out hot making it delicious and formidable for anything you can imagine.

fondoodler build food
fondoodler nacho chips

Only the highest quality material is used in the Fondoodler

This cheese gun is dishwasher safe which means it’s easy to clean and reuse for your next project. It can also be fully disassembled which makes it easy to clean each piece and makes it fully modular.

This gadget is perfect for anything you are trying to create and makes a great gift for kitchen or cheese lovers. Craft has finally met cheese!

fondoodler Full set breakdown

$40.00 $34.99

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