Fry Shield keeps your stovetop spotless no matter the meal, providing better protection than splatter screens while keeping your pan completely accessible throughout the cooking process.

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You can fry, simmer, or sauté as you would with an uncovered pan, and still keep your stovetop spotless! This Fry Shield will revolutionize how you cook in the kitchen!


The Fry Shield is perfect for deep fried delicacies like fried chicken and latkes, as well as for pan-fried burgers and steaks, bacon, bubbling tomato sauce, or that huge pile of greens that always tumbles onto the stovetop.

Fry Shield will save you countless of hours cleaning the kitchen!

Made from a safe silicone material, the Fry Shield will protect against ALL splatters! No matter what you’re cooking, easily pop the Fry Shield on a cook with ease!


Fry Shield is here to save the day. Become an instant Chef overnight with this MUST HAVE kitchen tool for 2018! Dishwasher safe to save you even more time. What are you waiting for, say goodbye to messy countertops and hello to your own Fry Shield today!



$59.99 $19.99

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