Gyro Bowl – Spill Resistant Baby Bowl

The Gyro Bowl is a spill resistant baby bowl that is perfect for toddlers who always spill their food or make a mess when they’re eating.  It keeps the bowl up-right and makes sure not to spill.

If you’ve ever had a baby, you know exactly how messy eating can get when they are first learning how.  Spilling a bowl is definitely familiar for most parents and it can be quite cumbersome after a while to clean up after your baby.

gyro bowl Featured

The Gyro Bowl can rotate 360 degrees in all directions

The thing that makes this bowl special is that it can rotate 360 degrees in any direction without spilling.  It really helps when you’re trying to hold this bowl upright or a toddler is.

Even if you hold this bowl sideways, snacks and food won’t fall out of it as it aims to face up the entire time.  It definitely will be hard to spill this bowl as the technology built in is just fabulous.

gyro bowl upside down

The Gyro Bowl can be easily cleaned and dissembled

When you’re ready to clean this bowl, you can disassemble it and wash all parts of the bowl.  You can then put it back together and have it ready for you’re next meal.

gyro bowl spill proof


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