Handy Lid Prevents Boiling Pot Overflow

This ingeniously designed, handy lid helps to prevent messy overflow from boiling pots. Simply place on top of the cooking device and your worries are over!

Handy Lid Prevents Unnecessary Kitchen Mess

This handy lid is constructed from food-grade silicone for optimal use. Place as a lid on top of pots and watch it control the amount of overflow as the water boils.

This lid is perfect for those who cook spaghetti and other pastas. After use, this lid is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

At 28.5 cm x 31 cm it fits most standard pots and boilers. You can use it for deep frying, steaming, microwaving and more.

It’s pleasing flower petal shape also brings an aesthetic presence to your kitchen. Cook in safety and reduce clean time, as the water stays in its place.

Handy Lid 1



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