Squeezing some citrus juice into your drink or onto your food usually results in someone getting a splash of acidic juice in their eyeball, as well as getting sticky lemon or lime juice all over your fingers. Most juicers require an amount of force which oldies and arthritis sufferers cannot provide. What if there were a way to be able to squeeze bountiful amounts of citrus juice into your food or drinks, without ever having an issue?

Most hand-held juicers require strong hands to operate and their vertical squeezing action can often be awkward to use. With the helix juicer, the squeezing force is applied horizontally, which is much more ergonomic as it uses the power of the shoulders.

Helix is the so Easy to Operate with Minimal Force

The Helix uses a unique twisting motion to squeeze the juices out of citrus. The device comes in two separate pieces, one of which has a container where you stick your citrus, and the other goes on top of it. You then connect the grooves in the two pieces and squeeze the two handles together.

Squeezing the two handles on the juicer together will create more and more pressure on the citrus by pushing the top piece further and further down into the canister where the citrus is sitting. The bottom piece then has a holes in the bottom of it to allow the citrus juice to fall out.


Helix is Safe and Durable Construction

The Helix citrus press is made from durable stainless steel along with a nylon construction, is made up of just 2 pieces which are super easy to clean afterwards, is dishwasher safe, is made from BPA-free and food safe materials, and measures 9.7 inches long x 3.4 inches wide x 3.9 inches deep.



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