iTouchless Air Tight Bag Sealer

The iTouchless Air Tight Bag Sealer is perfect for your snacks and food because it seals them back up when you’re done eating them, delaying the spoiling process. Keeping your containers and bags air tight makes your food last much longer and work much better than just clamping the bag.

There are so many bag sealers to choose

Yes, we definitely know there are a lot of brands to choose from. There are definitely rechargeable ones, battery operated ones, smaller ones, and bigger ones. The perfect bag sealer depends on your needs, we hand picked a few down below so you can get an idea of what you like:

The iTouchless Air Tight Bag Sealer is so easy to use, even kids can

All you have to do is put your bag in-between the clamps and then press it down to begin the heating mechanism. Once it’s activate the bag starts sealing together and you just slide it across, your bag is now sealed.

iTouchless design

$24.99 $11.34

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