Leftover Lid Keeps Food Airtight Fresh

The Leftover Lid will ensure your food stays fresh with its unique airtight construction. Never worry about messy bags and rotting leftovers again.

Leftover Lid Is The Answer To Food Storage

This silicone plate lid will keep your food airtight so it lasts longer! The silicone seal at the bottom locks the food between the plate and the lid, making leftover storage a snap.

This leftover lid can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave, and is also dishwater friendly. Store fruit inside to keep it from rotting.

Leftover Lid Eliminates Food Waste

This lid is fashioned from BPA-free plastic so your food stays safe. Make food waste a thing of the past with this handy storage method.

Comes with three lids so you have plenty of room for storage. Save time and money keeping your food safe and ready to eat.


$59.9 $29.99

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