Master Sous All-In-One Cooking Device

The Master Sous All-In-One Cooking Device will change the way you do business in the kitchen. This revolutionary cooking tool provides hands-free stirring action so you don’t have to spend hours watching the pot.

Master Sous Provides 8 Cooking Modes In 1

With Master Sous, simply place the ingredients into the device and choose any one of eight pre-settings. Simmer, saute, boil, steam, sear, slow cook, deep fry, and sous vide like a pro, without toiling over the stove.


This device contains a powerful variable-speed stirring mechanism that attaches to the pot with a durable magnet, for even cooking. Different attachments are provided for different styles of cooking.

Master Sous even connects to wi-fi, so you can keep track of and even control the device through your smartphone! Increase the temperature, adjust the cook time, and know when you are done, all remotely so you don’t have to stay in the kitchen.

This sensational cooking device is constructed from Teflon-free stainless steel, so cleanup is a snap. Save endless amounts of time, space, and money with this groundbreaking invention.





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