Melon Bowl Lets You Watch While You Snack

This unique melon bowl features an intriguing design that lets you snack in a whole new way.

Melon Bowl Lets You Eat And Watch Your Smartphone Hands-Free

Have you ever wanted to eat while watching your smartphone, but get tired of holding it in your hand or having to find a good position to lay it in front of you? The snack bowl features a special phone slot that lets you eat and watch, hands-free.

This bowl’s unique melon shape also allows you to put your snacks either on top or inside the bowl. This comes especially handy when eating snacks that have to be peeled–simply placed the peeled portion on the inside.

Constructed from a high-quality plastic that is eminently safe for food placement.

This melon bowl’s futuristic curved design and handy phone holder solves several issues that have dogged snack lovers for years! Get it now while supplies last.

$29.99 $14.99

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