Micro Tray Is A Handy 3-In-1 Kitchen Lifesaver

This micro tray can be used in three different ways, helping you save space and time in the kitchen. It works as a lid, tray, and stacker for optimum usefulness.

Micro Tray Performs Multiple Tasks

This micro tray can perform three separate tasks, all of which are handy in the kitchen. First, it works as an airtight lid for bowls.

Second, it works as a tray for placing plates and bowls. This can be useful when cooking and you need a quick place to set aside a plate or bowl.

Finally, it also works as a stacker for food storage. Place plates or bowls on top of each other to save space in your fridge.

This tray comes in very handy, and is constructed from high-grade microwave plastic. It’s an easy wash and small enough to be stored almost anywhere in the kitchen.

Micro Tray 4

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