Mini Bag Sealer Keeps Food Airtight Fresh

This mini bag sealer is the best way to close your snack bags. It will seal the entire bag and keep the food inside airtight fresh.

Mini Bag Sealer Helps You Save On Opened Snack Bags

We all know what it’s like when a snack bag isn’t properly sealed, and the food inside is ruined forever. Save money now with this mini-bag sealer that keeps your food fresh!

There is no need for awkward snack clips or other unnecessary food saving devices. This sealer works for all snack bags and plastic bags, sealing them up perfectly for airtight freshness.

The sealer operates on two AA batteries (not included). It is handheld and very easy to use, sealing both sides of the bag together again like new.

This product is currently one of our big sellers, so be sure and snatch yours now while supplies last!

$29.99 $14.99

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