Mini Vacuum Valve And Food Storage Bags

These mini vacuum valve and food storage bags take the process of storing food to a new level. Vacuum-suck the contents, keeping your food fresh for much longer than ordinary bags.

Mini Vacuum Valve is Safe and Eco-Friendly

The vacuum valve in this set is constructed from food-grade PA and PE composite material that is recyclable. Eco-friendly rubber paint looks fashionable and ensures food safety.

Vacuum Valve 1

Simply attach the valve to the food bag and auto-vacuum in seconds, without air leakage. The vacuum prevents your food from contacting oxygen, bacteria, insects, mildew or accompanying bad smells.

The vacuum portion is easily USB rechargeable, with a portable design that can be taken anywhere. Comes with five food storage bags.

Never again worry about premature degradation and rotting of food, whether at home or on the go!

$79.99 $39.99

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