Mixer Splatter Guard

This Mixer Splatter Guard is perfect for anyone who is always cooking in the kitchen! Whether you’re a baker or amateur chef, this is for you!

This Mixer Splatter Guard is getting praise from Baker’s all around the world!

Prevent splash and splatter when using your electric mixer made easy with this Mixer Splatter Guard. Placing this handy cover on top of your bowl whenever you’re whisking, beating, or mixing will stop the mixture from ending up all over your worktop surfaces.


It will keep your kitchen clean and mixing ingredients neatly inside the bowl! Made from a durable plastic with rubber slit. This Mixer Splatter Guard accommodates all sizes of mixers!

This Mixer Splatter Guard will have you wondering where this has been all your life!

The Mixer Splatter Guard was designed to make your life easier. Too many times have we craved a fresh homemade cookie or brownie but just simply didn’t make it because we knew how much the mess would come out to be.


So what are you waiting for, whether you’re a newcomer to the baking world; Or you have a full on operation already happening. This Mixer Splatter Guard will save you and your team plenty of time! Take back the enjoyment of baking today and pick yours up!


$44.99 $22.99

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