Pancake Dispenser Mixes And Pours For You

Pancake lovers rejoice, with this pancake dispenser that both mixes and pours your batter for you. Make homemade flap jacks in minutes.

Pancake Dispenser Contains An Easy Release Handle

This pancake dispenser will cut the time you spend to make pancakes in half. Simply pour in the ingredients for your batter and watch it mix them with ease.

When finished, simply pour out the batter with this dispenser’s easy release handle. Perfectly circular pancake shapes will result, which can then be cooked to perfection.

This dispenser contains a fast-shutting door so there is no mess when pouring. You can even use this item for other baked goods besides pancakes.

Requires 5 AA batteries for use (not included). It is constructed of durable materials that makes it easy to wash and store when finished; you can even store remaining batter in the fridge for later.

$59.99 $29.99

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