Pig Paper Towel Holder: An Antique Look

The kitchen is better with the Pig Paper Towel Holder. If you are a big antique collector and you love the idea of having something you love, you would definitely enjoy this piece of the action. The Antiqued Bronze Pig Paper Towel Holder is a kitchen investment that is a good gift for your kitchen

There are so many things that you would love about a paper towel holder that is not like anything else. If you love the idea of this one, read on this review and see why it is important to have. 

The Pig Paper Towel Holder

There are so many good things about this one and you would enjoy it. 

Pig Paper Towel Holder

The Features of the Product

The product comes with the following features that you would enjoy and they are the following:

  • It is made up of resin. It is generally a resin pig with a metal bar. You will be amazed by the structure because it comes with the theme of the system.
  • It can be placed anywhere. You will have a good experience with this as a gift conversation starter. You can have it placed anywhere.
  • The product can have the standard size paper towels that you can buy anywhere. 
  • The size is an astonishing 14″L x 6″W x 6.25″H.
  • The product is around 3 pounds so it is easy to carry anywhere else.
  • The distressed look gives it a vintage aura. It is perfect for a barn style home or a rustic kitchen style. You would definitely enjoy this beauty if you love placing antiques anywhere in the household.
  • You can even place it as a decoration when you go out and when you try to do something on the farmer’s market or when you are selling something that is pork related.

A Fun New Experience

Pig Paper Towel Holder

The Pig Paper Towel Holder is a good gift for the kitchen. You would enjoy the beauty of this item on your kitchen. There is no way that you would lose sight of what is important with the paper towels that you put in there. The functionality and aesthetics are a good combination for any person who loves to stay in the kitchen. This gift for your kitchen is a one of a kind product that you would enjoy the functionality.

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