Pizza Scissors – Cut A Pizza With Ease (Kitchen Maestro)

Pizza Scissors are the new way to cut up your freshly made pizza. Pizza rollers and knives are now a thing of the past when it comes to dividing up your pizza nice and evenly.

Messy cheese while cutting a pizza is the worst when using a traditional pizza roller or knife.  Now you can cut your pizza so the cheese is nicely cut instead of being gooey and uneven on each slice.

Pizza Scissors Side View

There’s a big difference in regular scissors and Pizza Scissors

This isn’t just any regular pair of scissors.  It has a spatula attached to it which gives it leverage when cutting the pizza.  The spatula gives the pizza support so you get the cleanest cut when using it.

The blade for the actual scissors is made for cutting pizza.  It’s a durable stainless steel blade that provides a sharp and long lasting edge.

It’s made with non-stick safe nylon base that won’t scratch easily.  The comfortable grip handle also makes your hand comfortable while cutting.

These ultimate pizza scissors are also Dishwasher safe and BPA free.  You don’t have to worry about harmful plastic because it’s FDA Approved.


Pizza Scissors Packaging

You might have seen other pizza scissors on the market, but these are the best ones

We think these pizza scissors are the best because of the special spatula that is attached to it.  It really does give it the cleanest cut and lets you leverage the pizza in a certain way to keep the cheese intact.

Other competitors usually have an oddly shaped scissor head.  This is not as nice because you have to cut the pizza at an angle to get a good cut.  These pizza scissors, however, can cut from any angle as long as the pizza is tucked neatly on top of the spatula.

Add this product to your kitchen because it’s an awesome addition to your cooking supplies.  It is definitely affordable too.

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