Plastic Folding Chopping Board

This plastic folding chopping board from Joseph Joseph will make an essential addition to any kitchen. Cut and chop food with ease, then easily guide the board where you want it to go.

An Award-Winning Folding Chopping Board

This cutting board is an original, award-winning design that provides a durably clean surface on which to prepare food. A soft grip handle ensures painless work.

This folding chopping board’s plastic construction makes it easy to clean. Simply rinse off or place in the dishwasher.

When spread out flat, this device can be used as a durable chopping board. However, simply squeeze the handle and it becomes a handy chute with which you can quickly guide any food into pots, pans, dishes, or garbage disposals.

This convenient folding chopping board comes in three different sizes and a variety of colors. Customize your board to suit your individual needs.

$16.00 $12.15

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