Portable Blender for Personal Use With Travel Cup – USB Mini Juicer

The Portable Blender is a perfect travel cup that is a your own portable blender to make smoothies, fruit juice and other yummy and healthy drinks.  It’s perfect for getting all your vitamins and hydration when your out of the house.

The Portable Blender is designed perfectly for what it’s supposed to do

This blender really has all you need to have an amazing on-the-go blending experience.  It’s lightweight, small and portable, but it’s strong enough to blend fruits and ice without any sort of issues.

It’s extremely easy to clean because of the detachable design which lets you watch each piece individually and really get into those hard to reach places.  It’s also very safe as there are double safety protection switches.
Portable Blender easy clean
Portable Blender blade

The Portable Blender is built to last on-the-go

This personal blender has a 3800MAH rechargeable battery that can be charged from your mobile phone or any USB outlet.  The charge is enough to get all your blending done and in case you need an extra charge, it charges super fast.

The bottle is made out of TRITAN material achieving baby bottle level material so its super safe and well-made.  This personal blender is really an amazing new product.
Portable Blender usb chargng

$59.99 $37.99

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