Pressa Bottle: The Squeeze System Fruit Infused Glass Water Bottle

For those looking for a good infuser, you can check out the Pressa Bottle. The Pressa Bottle is one heck of an infuser that works well for the individual who wants to live a good life with good health. 

The good thing about it is that it can press the vitamins and minerals that come from fruit and all of the things that one needs from it. Pressa Bottle is the one for those who love themselves and their health.

The Truth About The Pressa Bottle

The good thing about the Pressa Bottle is the fact that it can fully make things amazing for the individual. 

The following are some facts about it that truly make it great: 

It is not an infuser per se, it is more of a fruit press. This bottle juices and presses fruit into any beverage. The unique press would only slowly squeeze your favorite fruit into your beverage. The end result is that it would squeeze and release delicious juices that are stuck inside the fruit. You do not just wait for your water to infuse but it gives it a natural press flavor.

The package comes with a Premium Glass Bottle  and a Protective Sleeve. This makes using the system very easy and reliable. You can easily use it and show it off because it is in glass and with the protective sleeve, using it is a breeze and also a good thing.

Pressa Bottle

It is made up of BPA Free Tritan Plastic. The material is absolutely made up of good things and if people would try it, it is also environmental friendly.

The item is also really dishwasher friendly. You can just put the item back on the dishwasher and it is very easy to use. If you are amazingly going for a quick trip and just want it cleaned, put it on the dishwasher while you do everything else and you are all set.

How Do I Use The Bottle?

In order to use the bottle, you can easily do the following:

Pressa Bottle
  • You can fill your bottle with the choice of water and prepare your favorite fruit.
  • Add your favorite fruits next and you will enjoy it.
  • Pressa would then press the bottle with the fruit and water.
  • You can then enjoy it.

Now that you know what the Pressa Bottle can do for you and your needs, you can always enjoy the beauty that it brings anybody.

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