Stainless Steel Push Down Bottle Opener

Conquer those hard-to-open bottle caps in seconds with this Push Down Pop Up Bottle Opener. Simply push down and in just a few seconds, you’re done!

This unique bottle opener is fashioned from smooth, stainless steel for a sleek finish. Easy to wipe off after use.

Push Down Bottle Opener Works In Seconds

Open bottles up to 10 time faster with its ingenious magnetic rim design. No more having to find the right grip or position with a traditional bottle opener–it’s all done in two seconds.

Universal Application Makes This Push Down Bottle Opener A Perfect Fit Every Time

This push down bottle opener also fits virtually all beer and soda bottle lids, for a universal application. One size fits all.

These items are in limited stock and going fast. Get yours now and make those stubborn bottle caps a thing of the past!


$29.99 $14.99

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