Rotary Vegetable Shredder

The Rotary Vegetable Shredder is a simple to use kitchen tool to help you prepare food quickly and in various styles without hassle. It can easily shred or grate shred cheese, vegetable, chocolate, carrot, cabbage, breadcrumb, zucchini, radish and nut, creating even slice, vegetable salad, coleslaw, hash brown and pizza, different cut and decorative riffles, make your food more healthy and delicious.

3 Different Types of Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blades

The Rotary Vegetable Shredder comes with 3 interchangeable cylinders that allow you to prepare your  ingredients easily! The three stainless steel cylinders are a slicing drum, a coarse shredder, and a fine shredder, and they’re super sharp and dishwasher safe.

Coarse Shredder creates spaghetti-like spiral strands, for vegetables, cheese, radish, potatoes, cabbages, cucumber, etc. Slicing Drum creates thin slicers, for vegetables, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, radish, pumpkins, cucumber, etc. And Fine Shredder composition can be ground into a powder, for chocolate, nuts, peanut, breadcrumb, cookies, etc.

Rotary Vegetable Shredder

The Rotary Vegetable Shredder is Much Better and Safer Than Knives

Cooking is a creative process, but it can also be dangerous. This hand operated Rotary Vegetable Shredder has a sturdy suction base, an ergonomic handle and a food pusher, so that your fingers won’t go anywhere near the ultra-sharp blades of the cylinders. Say goodbye to knife accidents and injuries!

Save time preparing food with Rotary Vegetable Shredder, it gives you 12 times faster cutting result compare to using knives. Plus, it makes consistent slices everytime!

Rotary Vegetable Shredder

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