Simposh Mini Chopper – Compact & Powerful Push Button Cutter/Mincer

Simposh Mini Chopper is your kitchen aid when it comes to dicing and mincing because it does it so easily. With little effort you will have perfectly diced vegetables and minced herbs.

Load your vegetable, push down on the chop button and watch the smooth dicing begin. You can dice it into large pieces or dice into very small and fine pieces.

The Simposh Mini Chopper is perfect to use on any vegetable or herb

For all your homecooking needs, Simposh Mini Chopper works for any size vegetable or herb that can fit inside of the chopper. There shouldn’t be any issues when it comes to mincing or chopping.

The blades are built strong and sharp to make it a long lasting product. One that truly works for a long period of time.

Simposh Mini Chopper Types

The Simposh Mini Chopper is extremely affordable

This product is only $11.49 on Amazon and it really will save you a lot of time during your cooking. It’s easy to clean too, saving you tons of time from cleaning up knifes and cutting boards.

Simposh Mini Chopper Package


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