Sink Clip – Towel Rack & Soap Dish Attachment

Almost everyone is familiar with the question: where should I leave that wet dishcloth in the kitchen? Keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy with Sink Clip – a combination of towel rack and soap dish which easily clips to your water tap or shower pipe.

Not only designed to add storage space to your sink and keep your dish towel and soap organize but it also lets them leak over your sink without the need to remove them, to prevent your kettle from getting full of soap and dirt during filling. In short, simple, effective and economical!

Organize Your Kitchen Sink With Sink Clip

Have a hand towel, washcloth or pot holder and soap at your fingertips and ready for action by placing them on this Sink Clip. This decorative kitchen accessory fits neatly on any kitchen faucet and is a simple solution for adding convenient hanging storage of towels, sponges, and soap bars.

Sink Clip - Towel Rack & Soap Dish Attachment

Easy Clip Design!

Sink Clip requires no tools for installation. Simply clip it to cranes with maximum diameter of 2.5 cm. Its towel holder is 21cm long and 2.6cm thick. The soap dish is 15.6 x 7.3cm.

Aside from it is great to your kitchen sink, Sink Clip also works the same on your shower.

Sink Clip - Towel Rack & Soap Dish Attachment

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