This Sonic Push Whisk is perfect for anyone who loves to cook! Its design allows you to easily mix, stir or froth whatever it is you’re cooking! The unique whisk is designed to mix itself effortlessly by pressing it down.

This whisk will save you a whole lot of energy and give those wrists the rest they need.  No more messy splashes or spills!

Effortless Mix, Stir and Froth, Everytime!

To use the Sonic Push Whisk simply insert it into any mixing bowl and just push it down against the bowl. A rubber foot on the bottom of the whisk will keep the device centered in the bowl, and prevent it from scratching and sliding around.

It’s always reliable as it requires no battery to power it up. It works by pumping it down to twist it self and whisk everything.

Sonic Push Whisk

The Sonic Push Whisk is Made of Sturdy, Food-Grade Materials

The Sonic Push Whisk is made from stainless steel which is corrosion free and food-grade. It’s durability can keep up on any abusive use.

Whisking stuff is pretty rough on the wrists, especially when the recipe calls it to be whisked for 5 minutes or more! The inside mechanism guarantees to whisk effortlessly no matter how viscous the ingredients are.

Sonic Push Whisk
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