Spicy Shelf Patented Spice Rack and Stackable Organizer

The spicy shelf is a patented stackable spice rack organizer that keeps all your spices neatly organized in your cabinets, avoiding the hassle of sifting through all of them. It fits like a glove into any cabinet, making it an awesome addition to an organized kitchen.

The Spicy Shelf is fully stackable and fits in any cabinet so there is no wasted space

This spice rack can stack as high as you want it, so there is no wasted space. Depending on your cabinet height, you can get as many shelves as you need so you can really fit it to any height.

It can also expand to any width, so cabinet sizing is not an issue. This shelf really fits any cabinet size no matter the length and width of your desired area.

spicy shelf stackable
spicy shelf nail polish

The Spicy Shelf can be used for things other than spices as well

If you have other things like nail polish, paints or small bottles, you can also use this to organize your stuff as well. It really works with just about anything that is small enough to be shelved.

Your creativity is the only limit to making this work for you. It’s the perfect gift to make your kitchen really nice, clean and organized.

spicy shelf package


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