The Strainer Bowl is a bowl that you can use to soak, wash, and rinse your food with so it doesn’t fall out when doing so. With this, you can also strain and serve pasta, veggies, and fresh fruits with this two-in-one dish. Featuring a deep basin and top spout, this bowl allows you to drain hot pasta without setting it in the questionably clean bottom of the sink.

Save Water with the Strainer Bowl!

The produce we buy is covered with pesticides. Eliminating the pesticide and chemical residue is not fast. Fruit and vegetables need to be submerged in water for 30 minutes to allow most of the residue to be removed.

No more wasting too much water. The Strainer Bowl helps you to have a less intrusive impact on the environment by reducing 60% of the water needed to wash compared to previous methods and utensils.

Simply soak your fruits and vegetables into the bowl for the desired time and drain the water by simply tilting the bowl. No more exposing fruits and vegetable to running water.

Strainer Bowl

Pour the Water Directly Where You Want

The spout allows you to drain the water on your own terms – in a sink, a cup or in a plant. Imagine that, a kitchen implement that allows you to be environmentally responsible twice.

The spout can also be used as a handle, allowing you to securely eat and serve from the bowl once the food is drained. Perfect for pasta or with fresh fruits.

Strainer Bowl


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