Top Ramen Rapid Cooker – Microwave Ramen in 3 Minutes – BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe

The Top Ramen Rapid Cooker lets you make Top Ramen in just three minutes.  It’s super easy to use and completely safe for microwaving and eating ramen out of.

It’s reusable design lets you load top ramen and water inside of it in order to make you yummy delicious ramen in just three minutes.  Add your favorite toppings in it and cut the hassle of having to boil water and clean a giant pot.

The Top Ramen Rapid Cooker gives your ramen the perfect taste

Afraid of the quality that this device will produce?  Don’t be, the taste comes out the same as a stove top cooked ramen which means you’ll still get the same great taste without the hassle.

It’s also reusable so you don’t have to dispose of it after one use.  You’ll still get the same great taste, every time.

Top Ramen Rapid Cooker Package 2
Top Ramen Rapid Cooker Packaging 1

The Top Ramen Rapid Cooker is made durable and safe

This cooking utensil is BPA free and dishwasher safe so it’s perfect for microwaving and also perfect for cleaning.  It is the perfect addition to your kitchen if you are an instant noodle lover.

This cooking utensil makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking noodles or even for a college student.  Save hassle, mess and time by getting one of these to add to your house.

Top Ramen Rapid Cooker Noodle


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